Forest floor


March 23

And she tried so hard to grow

because she wanted to be free

if she could only reach the light that peaked

through the thick, dense canopy

and so her world was cold

under a fortress of a thousand trees

and neither sun

nor moon

could penetrate

the barren depths of her thoughts

and dreams




If we ignored
the artificial things,
that corrupt our thoughts
and distort our dreams,

Would we find solace
in works of art,
and learn to moonwalk
amongst the stars?


I love MJ. His music has seen me through a few highs and lows in life. I remember the summer holidays of A levels in college, dancing to Off the Wall; sunlight setting my orange carpeted room ablaze with the warmth and freedom of summer. Such a precious memory! I’m sure I drove my brothers nuts with that song on repeat. Love, love MJ.

Other songs like Someone In the Dark has a special place in my heart. This was the song I listened to with my favourite girlies, as we chatted about love and life in the comfort of my room. We’d talk for hours and hours until the stars appeared and our only light came from the soft glow of lampposts that reached us through the windows.

Another magical MJ moment; I think I was listening to Speechless, when I saw a shooting star fall from the sky. I was perched on my window sill, looking out for the Perseid shower.

There are many songs I haven’t heard yet, I stopped searching because I wanted to leave a few gems for me to find. Most recently I found the song Heaven Knows I Love You, from a baby MJ on his Goin’ Places album. Even though he’s gone, he’s left some precious music for us all to discover ❤

The Golden Ball


Gleaming white
with golden linings,
draped in pearls
and brightly shining.

A gust of wind,
the lantern sways;
asleep in its pearly sea,
the flickering fire stays.

A drop of rain
begins to fall,
on the silent flame
in the golden ball.

A whisp of smoke
moves through the air,
an empty shell-
once glowing,
now bare.